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Winter in Georgia is cold and snowy with an average temperature of 2-3°C (35-40°F). It sometimes even falls below zero in some regions. For those of you who love visiting snow-covered cities, Tbilisi will be a disappointment. However, you can go to other towns across the country to get the desired experience. Winter in Georgia usually means indoor activities or visiting ski resorts.
So, here’s a list of the best things to see and do in Georgia during your winter break.
Gudauri is one of the most popular destinations for skiers in Georgia. Being close to Tbilisi, it makes for a great weekend getaway. However, weekends bring lots of locals to the resort as well, so be ready for crowds. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the Caucasus Mountain Range while skiing. The resort features 57 km (35 mile) long slopes for skiers and snowboarders, and each slope has a different difficulty level. For those of you who don’t like overcrowded places, Georgia offers a wide choice of other ski resorts as well.
Try heli-skiing
Extreme sports lovers can glide down pristine slopes that see few tracks from other skiers. With Gudauri’s heli-skiing packages, you can be the only one on the slopes all day. To make it even more appealing, compared to other European cities that offer heli-ski experiences, Gudauri is much affordable for both beginners and professionals.